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Curious - dealing with the heat w/newborns?

I think that next week Leah will be big enough to fit in the car seats that will fit in our double snap n go stroller. I'm anxious to start taking them for walks around the neighborhood (and to start getting myself back in shape), but it is SO HOT that I know I'll be worried about taking them out, even if I aim for the early morning when its cooler. What time of day do y'all usually take your LOs out and how long do you stay out for? 

They usually eat around 7, so the earliest I could get out would be 8-ish. But right now they typically go back to sleep in their cribs until they eat again around 10, and by that time I feel that it's too hot to be outside. 

I cannot wait for cooler temps! 

Re: Curious - dealing with the heat w/newborns?

  • We used to walk around 7pm but its just too hot now! I'd say stay indoors for a few more months or walk super early or like 8pm.
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  • I think that your girls would be fine at 10am.  That is when we walk.  I hate it... I would much rather walk at 8:00am.... but my child is a sleeper and likes to sleep in. So we walk around 9:30-10:30. And it's fine.  The heat doesn't bother Elise.... she's just sitting there.  It's the dog and myself who are sweating. 

    Granted, she's not a NB.... but newborns like warmth.... so if you can tolerate it and can keep them fully protected from the sun, go for it! 

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  • I just started walking with my 1 month old and we walk at 8:30 pm.  She has tolerated all 2 walks we have done. :)

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