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Phebe Anna Thorne School at Bryn Mawr College


I am considering sending my daughter (2.5 years old) to this school.  I have never heard of it and can't find any reviews online.  Has anyone ever heard anything about this school or sent their children there? 


Re: Phebe Anna Thorne School at Bryn Mawr College

  • We had also considered this program for our first (who starts 1st grade this year) but instead decided on Clockhouse Montessori in Bryn Mawr (at St. Aloysius).  The school is located on Bryn Mawr Ave, on the left hand side if you are heading south from County Line/BMH and is just before Scared Heart.  The program is wonderful!  Our daughter goes there now and our youngest will when she is old enough.  It is traditionally a 5day week 1/2 days program from 8:30/9-12 for children 2.5-5 and full day for K.  There is a lunch or extended day option.  There are two classrooms and a primary teacher and aide for each room.  All of the women have been there for 25+ years and at least one is a reading specialist.  The children get to work with her in small/individual sessions at least once/week.  My children have learned the alphabet not as "the abc" song but as the actual sounds the letters make.  My son was reading at age 4/5 and is now on a 2nd/3rd grade level (and is just starting 1st grade).  The also do art, music, and have gym.  It's not flashy and they don't advertise but the quality of what they do there is fantastic!  I believe they are going to start offering a 2 or 3 day option.  We tried that with our son when he was 2.5 and realized that the full week routine was less disruptive for him.  Also, St A's is a catholic school but not everyone who goes there is and it's not a requirement.  The montessori aspect is wonderful and the older children really do work to help the little ones and the little ones learn by watching the older ones.  Can't say how amazing they are!  If you'd like any additional information, please let me know!
  • Thank you so much for your response.  We decided on Overbrook Presbyterian.  We liked the Phebe Anna Thorne School, but Overbrook was much closer to where we live.  Thanks again!
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