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Halloween...Short sleeve or Long sleeve?

Would ya'll suggest getting short or long sleeve onesies for DC at halloween? My girls will be bumble bees. #1 will have leg warmers, etc. #2 will a newborn and probable have tights on. This is our 1st Halloween in SA and I don't know to judge if it will be 80-90 degrees out or if it will be cooling off!! Of course, DD's bedtime is at 8:30 so will be out trick or treating kind early (6:30-7ish maybe).


Re: Halloween...Short sleeve or Long sleeve?

  • If it is just a onesie, than long sleeves. Carter was in full (read: heavy) lion attire and seemed comfortable outside on Halloween night, but he wore the costume a week before and was drenched in sweat.


    ETA: I am glad I am not the only mom already thinking about Halloween.

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  • Lol- i dont think i want to be battling costumes right after having #2, so I am trying to get them done now. 

    DD #2 will be wearing this:


    along with black tights, onesis, and a homemade tutu

    DD#2 will be wearing:




      Bumble BEE.U.Tiful .....WINGS....great for Halloween, Costomes, Dress Up.....and More by FairyWonderful 

      and also a homemade tutu, onesie and some sort of antennas (if she will keep them on) 

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    • I got my halloween costumes too! They are going to be flowers.. Audrey a purple one and Olivia a pink one. I couldn't pass them up a few months back at gymboree on clearance!
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