My 14-month-old STILL won't say mama!! — The Bump
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My 14-month-old STILL won't say mama!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one.  Crying 
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Re: My 14-month-old STILL won't say mama!!

  • and neither does my 17 month old Crying


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    Before you were born I loved you.
    Before you were an hour I would die for you.
    This is the miracle of life."
  • B knows how to say Mama and he definitely knows it's me.  He won't say it though.  It's always DADADADADADADA!!   :::sigh:::

    I am a SAHM, so I guess I'm old news.

    Ehh, I wouldn't worry .. they'll get it ladies!

    R.I.P. Elijah - You are gone but you will NEVER be forgotten.
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  • I think it took my DD till she was 19 months old. And at that point she said a ton of things just not mommy and her name. Now at 21 months I feel like she says everything at least she thinks she is.
  • It was both of my boys first words.  Now they never say it.  Oh- one of them says it if he wants something.

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  • DS can say it, but rarely does!!
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  • My DD didn't say Mama consistently until about 16 mos. Until then, both DH and I were Dada. Then we were both Mama. Now she calls us our correct "names"..LOL. It'll happen eventually, don't worry!

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  • My 18 month old only says it when he needs help. He knows it's me and can point "mama" out in pictures but won't say it. In fact for the past week he's been referring to me as dada....

  • DD, just started saying "Mum" but will only say it if she is looking for me.
  • imagemuchlove4ry:
    and neither does my 17 month old Crying

    ditto.  i am sure one day i will be sick of hearing it but for right now i am dying to have mama come out of that cute little mouth!


  • Nope.  You are not the only one!

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  • My boys didn't talk at all until right before they turned 15m. (They did babble mama and dada--and a bunch of other sounds--but weren't really using them in context.) Dada was one of their first words but they didn't start consistently calling me mama till about 17m.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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