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Be Honest...What do you do when LO naps?

I would love to say that this is when I clean the house, do the laundry, get dinner started, etc., but that would be a big, fat lie!  When DS naps (and DD is at school), I totally take that time to myself...I watch something I have on the DVR, Facebook or take a little nap myself.  Yeah, I know there are many things I could be doing that would be way more productive, but that 2 hours that I get to myself makes me a much happier, refreshed mama which, in turn, makes me a much better mama to my kids! 

If you are wondering when I get all those things done, I usually make the beds and straighten the house and stuff in the mornings after breakfast when DS is playing with his toys.  Laundry just gets done sporatically during the day whenever there is a load that needs to get washed and then I usually fold and put away after they go to sleep at night.  I make dinner after DS's nap when he is having a snack and watching Max & Ruby (he gets to watch 2 episodes/day).  Thankfully, we have the house thoroughly cleaned every other week by a sweet older couple.  If it weren't for that, I'm sure I would have to do alot more during nap time to keep up with everything. 

Just curious if any other SAHM's do what I do...

Re: Be Honest...What do you do when LO naps?

  • Really it depends on the day.  I'd say half the time I get something done and the other half I sit and enjoy myself and do what I want.  It really depends on what cleaning type things I need to get done and whether I can do them with ds around or not.  He still loves to follow me everywhere.
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  • I could count on one hand the number of times I have napped when they nap (since they were born). I usually pick up whatever mess has been left from when they were up and I always make myself do at least one chore and sometimes it leads to more chores and sometimes it doesn't, lol. My house is pretty clean for the most part since I stay on top of it all and have a helpful husband. I also do some speed cleaning on the weekends while DH plays with the kids.
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  • More often than not I do some combination of the following: eat ice cream, FB, email, bump, fold laundry, take a shower, get mail, take out trash, etc.

    I'd say its a mix of 70% relaxation and 30% productivity, on average.  

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  • Naps? What's that? LOL!

    The only one that naps is, both girls are up all day. I don't have a lot of free downtime. I get 1 hour while the girls watch TV, and I'm usually on The Nest, straightening up (the girls help with this) and preparing for dinner.

    There have been a handful of times that I have napped on the sofa in the playroom while the girls are watching TV......... 

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  • image lms_bride:

    I'd say its a mix of 70% relaxation and 30% productivity, on average.  

  • I wish I could nap, I have a hard time napping unless I have had a busy week.  I usually try to do a little cleaning, but end up sitting on the computer and then watch a little tv.  I end up doing the cleaning in the morning after my gym time, as that is when I am motivated.  Just not motivated in the afternoon to clean.  Oh and I end up prep for dinner when dd is sleeping..

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  • I work from home, so I usually work or do non fun stuff like pay bills or make appointments.  I do sometimes take naps, clean or watch tv though.
  • I would love to take the time for me, but I just can't seem to get too much done while they are awake anymore.  They follow me around and touch everything I clean and try to get into every drawer I use and try to bite vacuum cords, pull down the iron and ironing board, etc.  They are just at the age where only "high" items (like cleaning the counter, dishes, cooking, laundry) can be done while they are awake.  I can't even empty the dishwasher unless they are in their high chairs.  While they nap, I can vacuum, do a bathroom or two, wash down the cabinets, clean the rooms they are gated from without them screaming to get in, mop the kitchen, clean the laminite floors, etc.  They are both very attached to me right now and follow me around everywhere.  I have tried napping while they nap, but then I wake up when they wake up and end up feeling like I never got a break from being followed and we're back to the three of us again.  There are days when I'm just tired and only pick up the house and then have a snack and watch TV....I love when they take a morning nap around Regis and Kelly time - coffee, breakfast and TV are a nice treat.
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    Nap when they nap= urban legend with twins. Mine dont nap more than 1-1.5 hours. I do a little housework but I also put on my soap in the background a fool around online.
  • Exactly what you do. Even though Evan is 2.5 now he still naps and I try to be as quiet as possible while he does. Most times I go online, read a magazine or even nap. He's a boatload of energy so I use that time to recharge for when he awakes.
  • Right now since I am pregnant with twins, I take the whole 2 1/2 - 3 hours and do nothing productive.  I sit with my feet up, drink ice water, eat, watch TV/movies, Facebook, Bump, blog, or even nap.  It's really nice.  It took me awhile to get over the guilt of being that big of a bum, but all twin moms and books recommend resting as much as possible.  It has helped since I am entering my 3rd trimester and have zero problems and no signs of the possibility of pre-term labor.  Of course I guess I could have had that even if I was productive all day everyday, but I am going with the rest helped.  I know that it definitely keeps me from getting sore/dehydrated/as exhausted.

    Normally I would relax some and do some things.  Since I only have one DS and he is pretty good, I get a good amount done while he is awake.  When the twins come, I am sure my resting and relaxing days are over.  I see naptime being my catchup time.

  • I span everything out throughout the day.
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  • Good to know that I'm not the only one who takes me time!
  • Most days I work (my WAH job) and watch tv.  If I'm really tired, I'll take a nap.  I'm dreading the day that DD gives up her naps. 


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  • I usually take a shower and maybe get a few things done during DD's first nap.

    For her second one, I read and go on the Internet.

    For her afternoon nap, I sometimes nap with her, or I do a few things in the kitchen.

    I can throw things in the laundry when she's playing quietly by herself, and I do more of the heavy cooking, etc. when DH is home or when she's in bed for the night.

  • I also WAH however whether I work depends on how busy I am.   If I dont work, I eat and bump.  Sometimes I prep dinner, or make babyfood. Sometimes I catch up on my tv shows via on-demand.  Every once in awhile I will clean...haha.

    I love nap time!!

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  • K is up at 5:45 every morning and only naps for an hour.  I get so lazy during her nap!  My butt is pretty much glued to my computer chair.
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  • I always say I'm gonna walk on the treadmill, i'm lucky if I do. I'll wind up on the computer, watching TV, coooking, cleaning, or doing the laundry.


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  • Totally depends on the day-

    I WAH so that is a lot of time right there- grab lunch- check email-

    Since getting to the end of my pregnancy- i have refused to clean during her naps. I clean for 1hr a day and that is when she is up. I have just started to lie across the couch during her naps- between the heat and running after a toddler and being pregnant- just takes all of the life out of me. I feel better after a 20-30 min cat nap.

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  • Depends on the day.  We have housekeepers, so I don't clean anything, but the kitchen and the toys.  Mostly, I make phone calls, do yard work do something with DD, or just rest.  Sometimes I let her watch a show or take a nap.
  • During most of my second pregnancy, I used the majority of the time to rest.  I was exhausted and needed to recharge.  DD usually takes a good 2 hour nap (sometimes 90 minutes, sometimes 3 hours), and I almost always use the first hour to rest pregnant or not (tv, eat lunch, internet, read, etc), and whatever time is left to clean/be productive.  

    Now that #2 is here, I am quickly realizing that in order to get anything done at all, I will have to use the majority of nap time to be productive.  There is just hardly time at all for being productive while both of them are awake. Luckily I have an Ergo and DD #2 seems to like it so far!  :-)  

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  • Deal w/ the other kids, try to get something accomplished or veg out...depends on what is most needed--LOL!
  • Usually mess around on the computer or read for the first hour, do a little house work the second hour.

  • I usually eat lunch(in peace), then try to do something least one chore. I have to do quiet chores though because DD is a very light sleeper. Then I sit and watch TV, bump, facebook, check email, have a snack, read. I don't usually nap but I have never been much of a napper.
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  • 1st nap of the day I exercise, shower and get dressed.  After that it's depends.  I do one day of full out cleaning so I'm not doing it all week.  Lots of the time I blog or read blogs but we do a lot of play groups and family visits so often we're just on the go. 
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  • I nap to more often then I probably should. 
  • Unfortunately my DD will only sleep with me during the day, so I usually watch tv, or take a nap myself. She sleeps great in her own bed at night, but something about sleeping during the daytime she wants someone to hold her! Hopefully we can break that soon.
  • DD rarely naps longer than 30-45 minutes a couple times a day.  During her morning nap, I usually lie down right after I put her down and try to nap.  When she naps in the afternoon I sit on the couch, relax, go online. Since she doesn't nap for long, I don't usually spend her naptime doing chores.  I do them after she's in bed for the night.
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