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Long Distance Baby Shower?!?

I'm the mother to be and all my family lives several states away with the closest about a 10 hours from me. My mother is trying to plan my shower, but in order for me to attend, I'd have to drive or fly, THEN figure out how to get all the stuff home, and coordinate everyone else to get to one central location. Not to mention, I'm 25 weeks pregnant, my doctor doesn't want me to travel past 32 weeks (potential pre-term labor) and I feel like we're running out of time (and my stress allowance) to put this together.

My husband and I were talking and feel like a long distance shower might be the best way to go, but as the new mom/guest of honor, how do I suggest this, and how does it actually work??!? Any suggestions are MORE than welcome!!

Re: Long Distance Baby Shower?!?

  • Unfortunately long distance showers tend to be looked upon as a gift grab and tackey. Personally I think they are wonderful especially if you can Skype. Another option is for your mom to throw a Grandma-to-be shower with her friends. Those too are a bit on the eh side but can be nice. It's always difficult when you live so far away from family, but if you can plan the shower for when your 29 weeks and get the invites out this week it is best if you can be there. Now if you were on bedrest or if your OB won't let you travel then that's another story and using Skype to be there is completely acceptable.
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  • I would not attend a shower being hosted for someone that is not going to be there. You are the guest of honor and need to be there. The only time I would ever see this as somewhat okay is if you ended up on early (emergency) bedrest and were unable to travel last minute.

    If you are unable to travel to the shower...you might just have to miss out. If you do travel to be showered with gifts, then you can ship everything home, pack it with you or return everything and rebuy it when you get home. A lot of people will know you are from out of town and will either give you a gift card, or ship the gift to your house.

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  • I can see if maybe you were overseas that the idea would be accepted more, but usually like it was said already, their viewed as being tacky.


    With our first, I was too far away from family as well so I opted not to have one.  Not what any first-time mom wants, but planning one for me to be able to attend was difficult since I wasn't close to my family and friends.  :/

  • Ditto pp, I think they are tacky. I wouldn't attend if I knew the mom to be wasn't going to be there. If you can't attend I don't feel you need to have a shower, people that really want to get you gifts will get them for you. My shower is oot but it's within driving distance. DH and I are driving there, loading up the car and driving back.
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  • Fly home, have a nice shower, then return what you can and rebuy when you get home or ship it back to yourself.  If you want to have a shower, you'll have to make the extra effort to show up and then in return for the nice gifts you'll get, you'll just have to figure out how to get them home.  What about just putting small things like clothes, small toys on your registry for people to choose from and then packing an extra suitcase or shipping for $50?  If they know you are flying, people will be thoughtful of that and give you smaller things or gift cards.

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