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No spicy foods?

We made a bunch of meals and froze them before DS came, one being chicken enchiladas. We are going to eat one of those tonight, but my mom looked at me like I had three heads when I said that. She said I should avoid spicy foods this early in case it upsets DS. I thought we would just figure out if it bothers him when I eat it, and it wouldn't make a difference when the first time I eat it is?

Should I eat lasagna tonight instead? Or is my mom crazy cakes?

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Re: No spicy foods?

  • From day 1 I ate whatever I wanted.  Although I did keep a mental note of my meals for the day in case she did get bothered by something.  I just made more of an effort to remember what I had at each meal.

    Luckily after a few weeks of me eating my normal diet and favorite foods, nothing seemed to bother her so I stopped thinking about my meals as much.

    If you're comfortable with a "wait to see" method, go for it :-). GL!

  • I never watched what I ate when C was nursing, never had any problems either. I say enjoy the enchiladas and watch for a reaction.
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  • Okay that's what I was thinking made sense. I'll give it a go and see what happens!
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  • Yay! Enjoy, sounds yummy!
  • Thank you girls so much! I'm sure I will be on here more and more with questions :-P
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  • DD really reacts badly to spicy food. I found that out early on when I ordered a cajun chicken wrap when she was about a week old. She fussed and spit up for like two hours after I fed her. I stay away from spice now because i just don't even want to take the chance.
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  • every baby is different. I had quite possibly the hottest food I have ever eaten while nursing Elijah and it didn't bother him a bit. I say enjoy your dinner and find out whether your baby reacts or not. If no, then you have the green light in the future.  I was told by my neighbor only days after giving birth that I shouldn't eat *insert list of yummy/common foods* and I never even bothered to avoid anything because there is no certainty in any of it.
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