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[Another] Tricare Question

Just some background info: My husband just commissioned last week and heads to OBC this month. We're going to get me registered with DEERs this coming week before he leaves, because I'll be staying behind until he actually PCSs at the first of the year. We're expecting our first this November and I am about to enter my third trimester.

Now, I work for the state and have really great health benefits. I really like my OB and don't want to make any healthcare changes in my last trimester. We've already decided that baby and I will stay on my insurance through the rest of the pregnancy and until we make the PCS to the other side of the country. What I was wondering was if anyone knew whether or not I could use Tricare as a secondary insurance, and if so, is it even worth bothering with? My hospital co-pay will only be about $200 and I don't make prenatal co-payments, either. But, if something were, heaven forbid, to not go according to plan, post-natal co-pays have the potential to multiply quickly. Having a secondary insurance that could help with that might be nice to have.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Re: [Another] Tricare Question

  • I believe you can.  When I was pregnant with DS, I had to go to a prenatal class.  In the class, we filled out a ton of paperwork.  We were asked about any additional insurances (such as Medicaid or private insurance) because Tricare would want all other insurances billed prior to them paying anything.
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  • www.tricareonline.com

    I would call one of the numbers and ask. I recently switched from my own post-deployment tricare (national guard) to DH's active duty tricare and it was so much more work than I thought (paperwork, phone calls, etc.). I was actually completely dropped from tricare for 2 days.  I would call now so you're prepared when the time comes. GL

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  • I'm 99% sure you can use Tricare as secondary insurance, but given PP's experience, I second her motion to call now and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.  

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  • yes, tricare can be secondary. it was for us when DH got back in in January. Yours will have to be primary and you have to tell tricare about yours or they will deny all claims.
  • I am pretty sure tricare can be used as a secondary for you, but not sure about the baby. I think they have to be registered in DEERS within 45 days or less after they are born. If you have a POA it should be  fairly easy for you to register the baby you self if you are close to his base. 
  • If you have other health insurance, Tricare WILL be your secondary. With 2 insurances, Tricare will never be the primary: https://www.tricare.mil/mybenefit/home/Medical/OHI? (opens in new window)
  • Thanks, everyone! That really helped!
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