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Need tips for weaning off nipple shield


My LO is 10 days old and the pediatrician said that she could start being weaned off the nipple shield.  It was needed not for my sake, but hers.  She was having problems with latching and sucking.  But now she is feeding well and I would like to wean her off of it. 

My LO is mostly passive aggressive and simple presses her lips together and refuses to eat when the shield is off, or she latches but won't suck.  I have had some success trying removing it after she initially latches, or getting to go without on the second breast.

I realize it will mostly be a slow process, but wondering if anyone has had anything that really worked and led to sucess or any tips for me.  TIA.

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Re: Need tips for weaning off nipple shield

  • My LO weaned herself at 7 weeks.  Before that we struggled when I would offer the naked breast,  At 7 weeks she just decided that she didn't need it.
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  • My DD weaned herself at 6.5 weeks. I really don't know what happened she just decided she was ready. I always offered the breast without the nipple shield before I nursed her. The day she went without the nipple shield it still took her that whole day to get a good latch and nurse. You may have to get LO a little upset for her to open her mouth then sneak the breast in. GL
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  • It sounds like you are already doing what we did to wean DS from the nipple shield.  I would offer my nipple a few times first and when he started to show signs of frustration I would use the shield.  Once he pulled off (which he does often), I would remove the shield and try my nipple again.  I did this each time and when he switched breasts and sometimes he would take my nipple and sometimes he wouldn't.  I kept trying to offer my nipple even the first day we tried the shield and he was on and off it within a week and learned to latch during that time.  The first few days I had trouble getting him to take my nipple and then he started making a bad face when he used the shield and would take my nipple more easily.  One day he just latched on to me and never looked back.  Of course, now he won't take a bottle and still makes that same face he started to make with the nipple shield, but that's a different problem.

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  • Same story here. She decided she was ready at 8 weeks. Before that, she would just fuss every time I offered her the breast w/out the shield. Then, about 5 days ago, she fell asleep at the breast so I figured she was done nursing and I took off the shield. Then she woke up and wanted more, so I tried w/out the shield and she latched right on. And we haven't used one since. I am still super psyched about it!
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  • Like you, I wanted to get LO off the shield asap but she won't have it yet.  I spoke with our LC about it, and she said most won't even attempt to wean until 3-4 weeks.  I still try periodically to latch her without it, but I'm not pushing it.  I think they know when they're ready.
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