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Jogging stroller

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a low priced jogging stroller. I'm getting close to my 6 week time, and hoping to start back into running when my doctor releases me.

I've been looking online, and I'm allittle confused about how the joggers work with little ones as the straps don't look like they would hold an infant. 

Any information is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Jogging stroller

  • I've never heard of a low-priced one that was worth anything.  I splurged on a BOB b/c I run & it's worth it.  I got 20% off through bed, bath & beyond.

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  • I also have the BOB and love it. though you can't run with LO until they're older. But both DH and I run a lot so it was worth it.
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  • I've researched this and the BOB is the best. Expensive but good. I am going to get one but only when baby is older. There is a weight minimum. So I am going to use my regular chicco stroller until I can put her in the BOB. Good Luck
  • I have the bob.... I love it. we bought the infant seat adapter so I could atleast start walking with her until she can get in the normal seat. Great stroller. :) 
  • We have a BOB too. We're waiting the recommended 6 -8 months to run with LO.
  • I got a great used BOB off craigslist for $100. Well worth it!
  • I have the Phil & Ted's.  Same price as the BOB and I love it.  We decided to go with the P&T b/c it has the option to add a seat below the main seat.  We plan on having our 2nd baby close to the first so this will allow us to take both kids and not buy another jogging stroller or one of the wide two seat jogging strollers.
  • although it wasnt cheap, we got the Baby Jogger Summit.  So far i love it.  havent jogged with it yet since DD is too young, but we got the car seat adapter and use it when we go for walks. 
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