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Talk to me about your BFing "schedule"!

I'm just curious about what other moms are doing for their 2-ish month olds. ?At night I wake to do 3 different feedings (usually an 8pm, a midnight, a 3am and then we're up for good at 6ish). ?During the day, they want to eat every 2 hours, at least.

Are others feeding that often during the day? ?At what point will they start to go longer between feedings? ??


Re: Talk to me about your BFing "schedule"!

  • I can't help ya with the schedule part.  I honestly don't remember what our feeding schedule was like when DD was 2 months old.  Seems like so long ago now lol.

    But I do remember that around the 3 month mark DD started to go longer between feedings.  However, she still has times now that she wants to eat after 2 hours. 

  • You are a trooper!  At 2 months I almost had a meltdown... and you have 2! 

    At 2 mo DD was sleeping 5-6 hours a night so no night feedings and during the day were feeding every 2.5-3 hours... We were at a solid 3 hours by 3 months and we've been working on 4 hour stretches now.  She'll do 3-4 hour stretches right now.

    She was in daycare at 2 months so the schedule was pretty rigid.  I stay at home now so that's why we're more flexible. 

    I think I was doing around 6-7 feeds at 2 mo.  I used the Baby Whisperer by the way.

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  • We don't have much of a schedule, as it's pretty loose and I fed on demand.

    At 2 months though, LO ate around 8p, midnight, and 5am. Shortly after the 2 month mark, I would dreamfeed at midnight and then she gets up at 6am for a feed. We're still pretty much at the same feeding times currently at almost 4 months.

    She eats every 2-2.5 hrs during the day. She finally seems to be spacing out feedings a bit. I don't think it's incredibly common for a 4month old to be eatting every 2 hours. (I think part of it is that she doesn't eat much at once. We've just now increased bottle feedings of BM when I'm at work to 3 ounces. Up until this point it had been 2 ounces).

  • DD is 4 months and we've always fed on demand.  At two months old she was eating 8x/day and every 1.5-3 hours, waking up at 2 and 5 am approx. to eat. Now she will eat every 2-3 hours during the day, sometimes 4 hours. She will sleep 8-5 am or later so she has to get the other 5 or 6 feedings in during the day.
  • My baby will be 8 weeks tomorrow.  We feed on demand.  She has always been a "grazer" and now she has started spacing out her feedings more - about every 1.5 to 2 hours during the day.  Then she cluster feeds in the evening.  And sleeps about 5 hours, feeds, sleeps 2, feeds, sleeps 2 more and feeds and is up for the day.  

    So it sounds like our babies are on a pretty similar schedule.   

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