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Warning TMI re: constipation

I have severe constipation and have not gone in 9 days even with taking up to the max amount of colace per day (5 pills)! Anyone else in this same boat? It is seriously horrible. I drink more than is recommended of water, eat fruit, fiber one cereal and still. I had soo much pressure to go today that I literally cried because I couldn't and my dh made me call the OB on call. I was soo embarrassed! He was blunt and said that if I don't go by tomorrow that I had to go to the ER because I was getting impacted. He said to immediately go and get Milk of Magnesia and take 60 ml's (which is a lot and it tastes like fish and has a chalk feel) that I was gagging on it! But it worked 20 minutes later. What do you do on a regular basis to help? I need ideas because I can NOT have this happen again!

Re: Warning TMI re: constipation

  • EEK- so sorry- that sounds awful!  Milk of Magnesia is great for constipation- I was on it for 3 months after my DD was born because I had a 4th degree laceration and it was necessary for me to avoid constipation.  You might be eating TOO much fiber... even though you are drinking a lot of liquids too much can cause too much bulking.  I'd talk to your Dr. about a lower dosing of Milk of Mag. until you can get more regular- it was a life saver for me.
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    I drink V8 Fusion just about everyday and a TON of water. SO far that is what helps me go but I can tell gradually it is getting harder to just go
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