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I felt him! I felt him!

On the outside, finally! The first time was two nights ago I was laying almost all the way on my stomach trying to fall asleep and had my hand on my belly too and I felt a little nudge, but I was really having to push deep to feel it.

Just now as I'm waking up from my nap (probably from his kicks telling me MOM, ITS TIME TO EAT!) I rested my hand on my belly and *nudge*. 

Now, to get him to perform for DH.

I can't believe how low he still is. I am still feeling punches right on my panty line. The highest I feel him kick is my belly button. He's still so low! 

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Re: I felt him! I felt him!

  • Yay!  Every time I feel mine kick, it's right on my panty line as well.  Not sure why, but I don't mind as long as I know she's moving around in there!

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  • congrats!!! that's awesome.
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  • yeah yeah yeah!! That is such an awesome feeling!

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  • That's where I've been feeling LO too. Every so often he ventures up to just below my ribs and lets a good kick/punch out, but it's rare.
  • Congrats!  I can't wait to get there, so exciting!
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  • Oh yeah mine I would still feel low around that time, he loved getting as low as he could and punching me! DH only got to feel him around the time that I started getting them up higher on my belly.
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  • Awesome - congrats!  Isn't it the best??
  • Aawww congratulations... That is so awesome
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  • How fun!

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  • Congratulations - that's the best!!!
  • That sounds so cool - congrats!
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  • Yay, so exciting! Our son gave us a really strong kick last week that DH got to feel, but then was quiet again until last night and DH got to feel a couple more. He responds to DH's voice, like he knows when we're talking about him, lol.
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  • That's so awesome! Congrats! 
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