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not sure what to do....

so my hubby is done having kids, we have one of each and I know I am very blessed to have the kids we have but for some reason I dont feel like our family is complete! while preggo with #2 is when we talked about being down and for years we have said 3 kids and then in a very very short time it went to "we are done". I feel SO bad cuz I know he says he is happy with one of each and I want to feel like our family is complete but I just dont. I am not sure if its just cuz LO is so young still or if I really feel like our family is not complete. not sure too if its just the hormones too! ugh anybody else feel this way or is it just me?

Re: not sure what to do....

  • Both DH and I thought we were done after #2 but now that he is here we can't imagine not having another in the future.  He has always wanted 4, me 2 so maybe it`s hormones on my part, but we decided to give it some time and see how things work out.  I am getting an IUD and we are going to talk about it again in 2 years to make our final decision.

    I wouldn't do anything permanent for now, hormones can definately mess with you. 

  • DH and I go back and forth on this.  He wants 2, I can't imagine stopping after 2.  We had agreed on at least 3 before we got married, but now that we have DD he's backtracking (I think the life change was a shock).  We plan on seeing how we feel a year or so after the 2nd.
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  • i said we were done at 2, but now that #2 is here just the thought of him being the last makes me a little sad.  all of his firsts are also "lasts" in my mind, and it does make me think about having another one because of that.  the finality of it all is hard to accept, but i think in the end i will stick to my 2.
  • I am happy with my two but yea I see it has my DD's firsts will be the "last" firsts and I dont like that though!! oh well, we will give it some time too and go from there, maybe once the hormones calm down and all the help leaves I may change my mind! LOL just praying that whatever is suppose to happens happens!!
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