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If you made your moby...

Where did you find the instructions on the different holds? The moby website only shows how to do one...

 To make it it's just 6 yards of knit fabric correct? I read somewhere that it's 12 feet of fabric too... 6 yards > 12 feet... which is it? lol

Any other tips for making the moby would be appreciated! TIA!!!

Re: If you made your moby...

  • Go on youtube and search Moby Wrap. They have videos of all the holds although for a newborn or 0-3 months it is recommended that the baby is put in the hug hold/newborn hold. The instructions are pretty easy. I used jersey fabric bc I found a lot of cute prints. Really, any stretchy fabric will do. Depending on your figure buy either 5 or 6 yards of the fabric and just cut it in half down the middle. It also makes it a lil easier if u buy a patch and put it in the middle so you can always find the center.

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  • 1 yard = 3 ft.

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