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kinda NBR vent

Granted my sister is 16 and at that stage in her life nothing matters but herself and friends....ever since I found out I was PG with LO she hasn't really even asked about him while in the womb and now hes been here for two weeks and she is barley asking for a picture of him.....oh and in a message on FB. We aren't friends on FB so she cant see his pictures there but...I told her NO I wont send her a pic. 

I told her that my younger sis thats 8 has been asking about him in email and asks how me and SO are doing.  

uggghhhh vent over!  


Re: kinda NBR vent

  • You answered your own problem in the first sentence.  She's 16.  My sisters and I had next to no relationship until we were all over 18, and if they had been that young when I was pregnant, I doubt they would have cared either.  Give it time, she'll come around.
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