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question for FF moms

How long till your breast milk dried up? Right now I'm engorged and its a little painful! Just wondering how long this lasts!


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  • I don't remember for sure, but I think about 2 weeks.  I never had any pain from it, but I was told if I did to take Motrin and use soft ice packs or frozen peas.  Hope your pain goes away soon!
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    My engorgement lasted about 2-3 days, I still have a tiny bit of milk leaking a month later... hth!
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  • Your ticker says LO is 5 days old... that's right on schedule... mine were TERRIBLE... but only for a day... started to NOT HURT after about 2 days, but milk still leaking and such... HTH GL
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  • I still BF twice a day, but it took my milk about 3-4 days to adjust from fulltime breastfeeding to only twice a day.  I pumped a little to relieve the engorgement.
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  • Thanks ladies! I can deal with 3-4 days. I was thinking this was going to be weeeeeks of pain :)
  • IT took me about a week and I never took my bra off except to shower. I had no pain at all.
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