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grandma gift for shower

my mom is hosting my baby shower, and this will be her very first grandchild, possibly only (don't think my brothers having kids, and not sure if we'll have more).  so i wanted to do something special for her.  any ideas?
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Re: grandma gift for shower

  • There are all kinds of "I love grandma" stuff out there.  You could get her a grandmother's memory album for her to track baby stuff.

    But I think the best stuff you could do would be after the baby is born.  Framed hand/foot prints, special grandmother/grandchild photo session, etc.

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  • For before baby arrives having some baby gear at mom's is super helpful. If she has her own PNP, High Chair, and some toys it makes visiting grandma so much easier! After LO is born however doing a three generation photo shoot is a wonderful gift! My mom and I did one with DD when she was 5 months and it was so much fun and the pictures are the most precious things to her.
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