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DS won't sleep in his crib....Help!!!

He slept in a cradle in our room and now he's outgrown it.  I always said that at 3 months he would transition to his crib.  He sleeps for 2 hours and screams until I take him out.  Any Suggestions???

Re: DS won't sleep in his crib....Help!!!


    Hows the temp in his room? Night light? Fan?

    Maybe try just naps first and even some play time in his crib first. The first few nights in the crib were hard for us too, I just slept in his room on the futon for a week. Now hes doing great in there.

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  • I tried the naps and he wakes up after a couple minutes. Maybe I need to be in the room!! Thanks!!
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  • Is it too big and he's startling himself awake? that's what DD is doing after being in her bassinet. We originally used the sleep positioner and then started swaddling again to help her feel secure.
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