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Bleeding ?

So I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out positive.  I go to my doctor to confirm next Tuesday.  I have been bleeding for two days now.  It is definitely more than spotting, more like a regular period.  I have had some light cramping too.  I called my doctor today and she sent me in for a sonogram (external and internal)  They couldn't see much, but did see the sac which measured 5 weeks.  They couldn't see anything in the sac, but said that was normal.  I spoke with my doc, and she said to come in next Tuesday and we will evaluate and probably go in for more testing. 

 Has anyone had a similar experience?  What was the outcome??  This is my second pregnancy and my last one was very smooth.  TIA

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Re: Bleeding ?

  • I haven't experienced this... but I will tell you that you may want to post on the first tri board.
  • Please read the title of the board. What do you think our outcomes were?
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    No happy endings on this board. I hope you hear good news.

    This exactly. We are all here b/c the outcome was a loss. I experienced spotting for 6 days and never had a single cramp and that was my m/c. Best of luck to you. I hope you do not have to come back here.

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