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Does your DH ever put LO to bed?

Successfully?  DH tries about 2-3 times a week to help me out but really he just ends up stirring her up more.  I love that he tries but wish he could actually do her routine.  It's very easy, he just doesn't understand the going down drowsy and tries to hold her until she's asleep...which ticks her off.
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Re: Does your DH ever put LO to bed?

  • Yes but at that age both of us had issues getting ds to sleep.
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  • Yes he does. I think he does a more awesome job than me. He is the swaddle king. Although I got her down tonight no problem. I love the seahorse.
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  • No.  DH has never put DD to bed.  Not even once.  One time she fell asleep after screaming hysterically in his arms while he waited desperately for me to get home...

    DD almost always nurses to sleep. 

    A few people have been able to wear her to sleep and my mom has rocked her to sleep three or four times.

  • DH always puts one or the other to bed when he's home. It's only recently that he's been putting Clay down. He's been more than capable of it since I stopped nursing nine months ago, but Finn is adamant about wanting his dad to do his bedtime routine. Lately we've just told him that sometimes it's Clay's turn to have daddy put him to bed, because it's only fair (he's very into turns and what's fair right now).

  • he puts them to bed every night.

    i nurse them and pass them off for "daddy time" (which is cuddles in our bed) while i cook dinner.  when dinner is done, he brings each baby to their crib...i usually give them a kiss in passing.  as much as i love my babies, i also love passing them off at the end of each day - i always let out a sigh of relief.

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  • DH started putting our first to bed around 13 months old. From then on it's their time together. THey have their own little routine- brushing teeth, watching a video, reading a book, and cuddle. I already told DH that once DD2 is around 13 mo, he'll be responsible for both girls!! Now, I'm the one that takes care of the baby.
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  • Yeah - We are equally as good at getting him down for the night and he does help with it.  I'm better with naptime, for whatever reason, so I'm usually the one to do that.

  • It took a long time for my husband to get into the swing of things with bedtime.  Mostly he just didn't want to (lame I know).  After Tyler turned 1, he seemed to cooperate more and started doing is 1-2x per week.  Now he does it every other night.  It wasn't an issue of him not following the routine, he just preferred that I do it.  Why don't you have your husband watch you as you do the whole thing so he can "get" the drowsy part? 

    These days we switch off so he does it every other night.  Now my husband and Tyler have their own little bedtime routines and its very cute.

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  • dh puts ds to bed every night and then comes down to help me get dd to sleep.
  • ...every night- he calls it Savi & daddy time.
  • DH actually puts the kids down more often than I do, but I'm a WAHM and I work a lot of nights and weekends.  If I'm home, it drives me nuts b/c he wrestles with them and "flies" them to bed riding on his shoulders or swooping them around.  I'm convinced that's why it takes them that much longer to fall asleep when he's home alone, but whatever.  He gets them down and I don't worry about it.  Biggest thing I've learned is he might do it differently, but he gets them to sleep.  Let your DH figure out his own way of doing things.  Definitely try to give him hints like "she doesn't like to fall asleep on you anymore so you need to put her down when she gets drowsy and fussy" or whatever, but the biggest thing you need to do is take a step back and just let them work through it.
  • Yes, and always has, but honestly DS never had trouble falling asleep for bed (Staying asleep through the night and atrocious naps were his issue, LOL)
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  • imageRianals:

    No.  DH has never put DD to bed.  Not even once.  

    Yup same here. I sure wish he would at least try though. 

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  • I wouldn't be concerned. I put DD#1 to bed for a long time - almost a year, before DH started helping out with bedtime. It wasn't that he didn't want to do it, but more that it was just easier and took less time when I did it. Not a big deal to me.

    DH has only put DS to bed maybe 3x? BUT, he pretty much puts the girls to bed every night. DS is just very attached to me right now (in that phase). All my kids went through this.

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  • Oh, and I should add that I EBF and nursed all my kids to sleep, thus making it impossible for DH to put them to bed. E and L REFUSED bottles, so it was just me. B was the only one who took bottles.....
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  • DH takes over bedtime when I wean the kids.  He does bath and bedtime routine for all 3 kids now.  He loves it.  :D
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  • Yup.  Every single night. 
  • He does now and has for the last 4 months or so.  It's their ritual and special time together.  DS grabs DH's hand when he's ready for bed!!  However, when he was your LO's age only I could do it.  He was still nursing to sleep at that point.  It was very rare that he would let DH give him a bottle and go to sleep. 
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  • Yes.  Bedtime is usually his thing.  He works late hours sometimes so putting them to bed is part of just getting to see them for a little more.  However, to get DS to stay in bed we set a timer for 10 minutes and when it goes off I check on him.  Lately it has to be me (so kind of a pain if I take a shower after the kids are in bed) but at least he isn't giving 20 excuse about why he's not tired:)
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  • He always puts DS #1 to bed, and sometimes DS #2 as well.  It gives him some nice one on one time with DS #1 while he changes him, chats about the day and reads a bedtime story.  He's great at it.
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  • He's only home at bedtime 2 nights a week but yes, he does bedtime. Well, he does bath + jammies + meds + reading and then I nurse him down. When we used to rock him to sleep I would hand him over after nursing and he rocked.
  • Yes...DH does bedtime every night unless he is out of town.
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