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BFers - going from 1 side/feeding to 2

up until recently it seems like one side has had enough to satisfy LO.   Do you switch sides if they start fussing?  I have a hard time telling when things are empty, because my breasts don't look or feel as full as they did when i nursed my first baby. 

Re: BFers - going from 1 side/feeding to 2

  • My LO started wanting both sides around 4 weeks or so. Before that, he acted full & satisfied from one. Now he starts fussing if I don't offer the second side.
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  • My DS has always taken both sides, now when I go to switch and burp him he cries until he gets the second..

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  • I logged on because I have the same question pretty much. Right now, my LO is consistently eating only one side each feeding. She feeds for about 10-15 minutes and then falls into such a deep sleep that I can't rouse her for the next feeding. This means we're on an "every hour" feeding schedule. It's a bit taxing on me (particularly at night), but she seems to be gaining weight and is making dirty and wet diapers so I'm assuming it's OK.

    My breasts also don't feel different before and after feedings. I've got very large breasts so my theory is that there's too much fatty tissue for me to be able to tell much of a difference. I never got engourged and haven't had any pain either. Sometimes a feeling like they're full or heavy, but not consistently. 

  • dd started taking both sides more frequently at 6 wks.  before that it was one side only almost every feeding.  i could tell she needed more b/c she wasn't gulping & swallowing, but she was still sucking & trying to get milk.

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  • I've been breaking the latch on side one after 5-7 minutes (or once he kind of slows down) and then getting him on side 2 and letting him go as long as he wants. It seems to keep everything a little more evened out and he definitely sleeps longer if he's had both sides!!


  • DD is still a one side eater.  If she unlatches herself or loses interest I assume she's done and burp her.  Rarely she'll cry so then I give her the other side, but she spits up so much less this way than when I was trying to force both sides (too much foremilk, I think).
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