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BF mamas...tell me about Mother's Milk Tea

Where can I get it?  Does it really increase your supply?  I'm taking Fenugreek but I haven't noticed that much of an increase in bm.  I need to start my freezer stash before returning to work in a few weeks!

Re: BF mamas...tell me about Mother's Milk Tea

  • i havent tried it but my cousin said that it works and you can get it at luckys i was thinking of going to get some too

  • GNC has it. Helped my supply a lot. Tastes better with a little honey in it.
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    My supermarket carries it, so check there. ?It tastes kind of gross to me (I hate anise) but adding honey helped.
  • I got it at GNC.  I hate tea, but I actually like this!  I only use it the weekends I work so I can pump more - pumping at work in the evening doesn't get me much.  The first weekend I started using it I pumped 3 oz more per shift than the weekend before and I only did 2 cups a day (I think it says 3-5 on the box).
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