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Intro with PIP's

Hi everyone :-)  I just wanted to introduce myself. My little girl was born one week ago today on July 24th! She is such a joy!

Click here for her "Born in Caul" Pricipitous Birth Story

These are photos from her Newborn session:


This tutu is made from the custom chair ties we had from our wedding. The feather headpiece I wore at the reception once I took off my veil.


Big Brother is still very excited over his Little Sister. We have had a few melt downs for no reason (like wanting pistachios and we were all out!) but nothing we weren't expecting:-)

I look forward to chatting with everyone! Can someone post the code used for a siggy pic?  Thanks!

Re: Intro with PIP's

  • She is soooooo adorable!!!!!!!! Congrats and welcome!!!!!!! :)

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  • Welcome!!! Your LO is too cute!

    Most of us use for the pics in our siggy

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  • welcome! I love the pictures and the personal touches in the first one.

    Ditto about  

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