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May I join you?

Here is my story. 

I went for a dating u/s yesterday at 5:20 PM.  There were some unexpected results so the technician called my doc's office and the doctor instructed her to tell me to make an appointment tomorrow morning and they would squeeze me in to discuss the results.  They fit me in at 1PM today, what a horrible wait, but the doctor explained she wanted to talk to me in person because some patients have done crazy things in the past because of hearing the news in the wrong way (ie driving straight to the ER and demanding an abortion). 

So at my appointment today I was told our LO passed away at 8 weeks (2 weeks ago).  My doc gave me the option of waiting for it to pass naturally or getting a D&C.  Since I have never been under anestesia (sp?) and would rather not risk any complications that are associated with a D&C, I opted to wait 2 weeks to see if the baby passes.  At that point I will have another appointment and reconsider my options. 

The ultrasound also revealed a complex cyst on my right ovary (probably the one I O'd from for this pregnancy).  She is hoping it will disappear after I actually miscarry.  I have a history of painful cysts ruptures, so I am hoping this one just dissolves on its own too.  I have to go back and have another ultrasound for this in 6 weeks. 

The Dr. also reviewed my medical history and said I had no risk factors.  It was probably a non-inherited chromosomal defect and nature is taking its course.  This is good news for the next time I get pregnant I hope.  We are allowed to start trying again after 2 cycles. 

I just had my husband put the baby stuff I was starting to accumulate in the basement for storage...I just cannot look at it now. 

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  • I am sorry that you have to join us and I am extremely sorry for your loss. This board is a comfort zone for myself and I hope it can be one for you too. I'm so sorry again... HUGS
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  • I'm so sorry for you and your family.

    T&P are with you.  Stay on this board for support; these ladies have been a wonderful source of strength for me and I'm sure will be for you, too.


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  • I am so sorry for your loss! This board has gotten all of us thru rough times. We are glad to have you here (just wish it was under different circumstances!)
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I've only been on this board a couple weeks, but I've already found a lot of support.
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  • I'm very sorry. =(  Your story is very similar to mine.  My baby also stopped growing at 8 weeks and I found out at 10.  I also have to wait 2 cycles to TTC again.  I hope you find this board to be as helpful as I did.  Again, I'm sorry you are experiencing this horrible event.
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  • (((hugs))) I am in almost the same exact position.  It's tough waiting it out.  I had my husband put things away too.
  • ((hugs)) so sorry for your loss


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  • I am so sorry for our loss. I am sorry that you are joining us. I know how you feel about the stuff.
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  • Thanks ladies
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