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? for those of you using Gliders...

An acquaintance of mine has a Dutailier glider that she got from a neighbor.  It is not new, but she says it is in great condition (smooth and quiet gliding.)  I looked up the model, and it is one of their higher end chairs...in the 500-600 price range.  The only thing I would need to do is get new cushions, and I priced them out around $200 on a couple web sites.

Matching ottomans are another $100-150.... now suddenly I have passed the price I was going to pay for a new complete Shermag set from BRU ($299 or less with a 20% coupon.)

So I ask, do you think it is worth it to take the chair? She is offering it to me for free.  Is it THAT important to have an ottoman that glides as well?


Re: ? for those of you using Gliders...

  • I think the ottoman that glides is important. It's much more comfortable.

    If the new cushions and ottoman are going to cost you more than a new set, I'd just go with the new set. I couldn't be bothered to order new cushions and search out a matching ottoman. 

  • I too think the gliding ottoman is nice , so much more comfortable. If it is going to cost more to get the coushions and such I would probably go new.


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  • I love everything about my dutalier...but, it was a gift from my grandma. Can you get the cushions cleaned instead of replacing them?
  • If it really doesn't need a new cushion- if it's just a little dingy looking or something, just clean it and buy the ottoman. If you do really need to get a new cushion, I would just rather get a brand new glider and ottoman set. I have a Shermag and I love it, use it every day. The material is very easy to clean with a baby wipe, after it dries it looks fine.
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  • Yes, yes, yes! I thought the same thing and didn't get one. Then was at a friends and used hers to nurse and realized how much more comfortable it was!!
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  • I bought a gently used dutailier glider off of craigslist for 150.00 (originally 500-600 too).  Then I had a guy in town who does furniture upholistry re-do the cushions with a fabric I purchased (heavy fabric) from a cloth store.  The guy did the cushions for 75.00 and the fabric was about 30.00.  So I was able to save some money rather than purchasing new cushions.  And, it matches baby's room perfectly!
  • Oh, and I wanted to add that I hadn't originally planned on spending the money for an ottoman...but it came with the chair I purchased that was used.  I am SOOOO glad that we have one; without it I think breastfeeding would be uncomfortable in the chair because my feet would be dangling.  If you decide to not get teh ottoman due to the price, consider purchasing a nursing stool.  Posture and positioning helps a lot with nursing.
  • Thanks guys. We decided to pass on the offer.  Going to get a new set instead.  I appreciate all your thoughts and feedback!
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