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  • benefits?

    none that i could think of- I did it not out of choice- and I pumped for an entire year. My DD wouldn't latch because I had a major oversupply and forceful let down. I tried for over 1.5months to just BF before resorting to EPing.

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  • The only benefits of EP are those over FF. The only reason I am doing it is because LO cannot get latched to my flat nipples. I would not be doing it if he latched properly. I am going to try to BF again when he's a few weeks older to see if his stronger muscles/bigger mouth can succeed this time.

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  • My LO lost 12% body weight in hospital, so number 1 benefit was I knew how much he was eating.  I've discovered another benefit, that my husband gets to feed him.  He is a fabulous father and loves this kid so much, so it means the world to him to feed him.  I love watching his face as he gives him the bottle.  He encourages me to BF - which I have tried every once in a while, but I'm just not great at it. 
  • IMO, the only "benefit" is that my son is getting breastmilk over formula and because I already owned the pump from EPing for my daughter, it's free.

    Other than that, it's a PITA and I'd give anything to BF and not have to pump.

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  • Didn't do it by choice. LO was in the NICU for a few days. So we didn't get to try to breast feed for almost 24 hours. She just wont do it. I agree with everyone else. It's a PITA, and if I could nurse, I would. Benefit is that she gets breast milk, not formula.
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  • imageCoastieWife08:

    IMO, the only "benefit" is that my son is getting breastmilk over formula and because I already owned the pump from EPing for my daughter, it's free.

    Other than that, it's a PITA and I'd give anything to BF and not have to pump.

    This X 1,0000. If you EP you have to keep to a strict pump schedule in the beginning to build your supply, you're constantly washing bottles and pump parts. Plus trying to tend to a newborn and feel like a human being (eating and showering), it is a little hectic in the beginning. Just now, at 6 months, I feel that EPing is getting easier. My pump is my accessory, I have to take that thing anytime I am away from the house more than 2-3 hours. Then I have to find a place to pump, while someone else usually tends to DS. Or I have to keep him entertained until I'm finished.

    But I would give anything to just whip out my boob and feed DS, it would make things SO much easier! The only benefit I see to EPing is not giving DS formula and other people can help out with feeding.

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  • I loved EP'ing. There are a ton of benefits. However, I think I liked it because I never cared whether or not we needed to supplement with formula. I chose to EP and will again whenever we have another baby. 

    -The pump doesn't scream for you. I stuck to a loose schedule, but I could adjust my pumping times. Baby wants to be fed NOW and doesn't care what you have to do.

    -It was an automatic relaxing time. Hand DH the baby, hook up and spend 20 minutes on the computer or reading a magazine. 

    -Anyone can feed the baby. It was nice to have DH, grandmas, aunts, etc feed Hannah. They enjoyed it, and we got a break! 

    -Baby still gets breastmilk

    -You only need to wash your pump parts once a day. Keep them in the fridge the rest of the day. And buy enough bottles so you're only washing those 1x a day too. 

    -You don't have to worry about a baby who will never take a bottle. Some may disagree with me, but I would 1000x prefer a baby who wouldn't nurse to one who could only be fed by me. 

    -Sometimes, not always, it seems nursing mothers are the primary ones responsible for feeding and soothing baby.  If others feed baby with a bottle, they are doing mom a favor. Dad may try to soothe LO, but they all know that mom's breast will really do the trick. With bottlefeeding, the responsibility fell to both of us equally. 

    ETA: Sorry, you also asked about how to transition. I just stopped nursing one day and started pumping every 2-3 hours. Make sure you pump at least once at night too-I think they especially recommend pumping during the hours between 1 am-5am. I had a Medela PISA and it worked well. DD did fine taking the bottle, and she drank BM straight from the fridge.

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