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If you work from home what do you do how many hours and what do you make?

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  • Hey there- we were just in Lancaster today! Gorgeous day for sure.

    As far as WAH- I am a tax attorney/accountant. I run my own consulting tax law firm. I work FT and make way more than you could just doing run of the mill direct sales or data entry.

    WAH jobs (that make more than some extra spending cash) are really hard to come by if 1. aren't your own boss, 2. have a WAH job from a previous employer and 3. have additional childcare help.

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  • I work at home for a previous full-time (in-person) employer.

    I make collection calls and send out specialized testing equipment on a monthly basis.  I ensure equipment is received back, sent out reports, etc.

    I work about five hours a week.

    I net an average (varies by month) of $900 per month. 


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