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concerned about pre-e

Ok so here's what I have so far..the doc hasn't mentioned it but was concerned with weight gain (7lbs in one week...but then last week i lost a pound)  Last week I had a bad headache 1 day but didn't mention to him, but my blood pressure Wed at my appt was 140 something over 80 something ( i typically  have a top number in 110's or 120) so the nurse noted that it was really high for me (but doc didn't really say anything)  I see him again wednesday.

I am having some pain under my right ribs today....just thought maybe baby had his feet in there or something until I started reading about Pre-e...(i know i'm a hypochondriac)  Do I call doc and notify them of this pain (it doesn't seem like emergency) or do i just wait until my appt wed, see if my bp is still high and let them know about it then?

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Re: concerned about pre-e

  • It might be worth a phone call, just to be safe. I would also go to your local grocery store and check your blood pressure on one of those do-it-yourself machines. They're not 100% accurate but it should give you an idea if you're still in the higher or lower ballpark.
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  • Pre-e or thoughts of pre-e are nothing to play with - trust me.

    I woud most definitly call.


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