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So, we went to the Dr today to have DD's hives checked and they are thinking peanut allergy & possible freaking SOY...FANTASTIC! So she can't have dairy, now no soy and peanut butter...WHAT is she going to eat! If something doesn't have dairy, it usually has soy! UGHHH

They tried to take blood but it would flow out and she was screaming, I was crying; it was a nightmare. DH and I have to take her back to try again another day when he has off because I can't do it alone. They told me that the IF it was soy it probably because since taking her off dairy, her soy intake increased with soy yogurts and butter, etc...

We are doing benedryl until the hives are totally gone and then will do a test with Zyrtec- she basically takes it and when she has been hive free for 24 hours, we take her off and see if they pop again, after recording all that she eats, if they pop up she goes back on Zyrtec and then if it happens again, they will do another allergy test!

I am hoping the allergy test gives us something conclusive so we don't have to do this ellimination diet for too long. She is not a big eater to begin with!

Anyhow, the point to my post is to ask what sort of testing you guys went through.

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  • We did blood allergy testing as well.  Actually had to go back twice just like you because the first place we went were a$$ hats.  I actually filed a complaint with them because I was so displeased with the way they handled everything.  The second try we ended up going to our children's hospital and they got it before I even realized they stuck him....much better.

    The problem was when they did the blood test, nothing showed up!  Then we had ds's pedi tell us that with children that young, they tests aren't always that accurate.  Awesome.  So here we sit, 2 attempts at blood drawing, $1500 poorer, and still are not sure of all his allergies.  We know the milk and peanut ones are for sure because of his physical reaction.  Milk gave hives, peanuts after setting in his belly for almost 2 hours made him violently ill and weak until he finally got it all out of his system.  With that he was vomiting so much that the benadryl couldn't even stay down long enough to help.  I hope it gives you better results than we had, meaning some results at all lol.

    On the eating side of things, my kid seriously doesn't eat anything that doesn't grow out of the ground lol.  His milk grows from the ground, fruits, veggies and grains about sum it up.  Trying to sneak a piece of meat past this kiddos mouth is like trying to bust out of Guantanamo.

    Haha, my response was long as well.

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