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Is anyone else getting constant comments on their size?

I am surprized at how many people tell me I'm "not going to make it"  to my due date and that I am huge!  Don't most people get huge when they have another human being inside them?  I am only 5" so I know it looks huge on me, but I think it's to be expected.

Re: Is anyone else getting constant comments on their size?

  • I'm not sue until September 21st, and am now getting pretty big. I work in retail so I'm constantly having people ask me when i'm due, or they just say what are you having? It is annoying, obviously i'm pregnant don't think your the first person to comment about my pregnant belly. I don't understand why everyone can't just keep their comments to themselves. I have one person say , oh wow you still have a long way to go....umm, not really!!! lol! But, yes our belly's are supposed to get big!!! we have babies growin in there! plus, it's the last thing we want to soooo huge. haha! oh well, we know it's all for a good reason. just think we get to look forward to all sorts of strangers trying to touch our babies once they are born! it will never end!
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  • I am always getting comments on how HUGE I am!  It is really getting frustrating.  I know how you feel.  I am 30 weeks and this past week I think I have grown the most.  Oh and the wonderful comment that everyone makes....."You must be carrying a 10lb baby in there!"  No ya freak!  More like 3lbs right now!  LOL   Oh well....few more weeks and it'll be all over:)

    Good luck!


  • I have been getting that  a lot too.  It is really frustrating, hurtful and embarrassing.  We don't exclaim to people "wow, you are skinny like a crack whore" or "you are fat like a hippo".  I found if I tell people how many weeks I have left rather than my due date they respond differently.  I think they aren't doing the math and think the date is far off.  I also have responded to the guilty part with "no, my doctor says I am measuring just fine".  This usually points out what they said wasn't appropriate.  People are just rude. 
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