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Anyone have a recommendation for a photographer who will do maternity and newborns photo sessions?  I'm trying to find someone who releases the rights to their photos and am not having any luck.  Thanks!

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  • My recommendation is Cathy Blackstone.  We have an appointment scheduled with her for family pictures.  She did my friend's newborn's pics and they turned out great!  Her costs are very affordable and you get the rights to all of your pictures.  Good luck!

    They dont have their maternity on their webpage but it is allllll over their facebook. They were my wedding photogs and I love them. They are great people and you get all photos on disks with print rights!! PM me if you have an questions or want more info! 


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  • hi!  I just had my maternity pics done on Monday and we will be getting newborn, 3, 6, 9 months and 1 yr pics done as well. We are using Joni Cox of Agape Imaging in Marysville. She did our wedding and senior pictures for my brother. She is great! Super friendly and will usually meet you at a location if you want.  Her website is or you can find her on facebook @ Agape Imaging. Good luck in your search. He prices are very, very reasonable.
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  • You could try  She is a natural light photographer.  The hubby and I had our maternity photos done through her 5 weeks ago.  I cried when I saw them.  She also does newborn photos and will be doing ours.  She has a package for the two to chose from.  She posts pics on her blog of all the shoots she has.  Ours is in her June postings under Ryan and Theresa
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