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The Good, Bad & Ugly (kinda long...)

The Bad - So today is my first day back to work and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be (though it is Friday so I don't have to see EVERYONE today).  I cried on the way in, I cried when I got about 1-mile away, I cried when I went to our medical bldg to get checked back in to be at work. 

The Good - I get to my desk, feel good and get some work done.  One of the ladies comes in to tell me about her experiences and my boss comes in to tell me that she is happy I'm back.

I go to lunch with two really close work friends.  One is due at the end of December (here is the ugly) and it was so hard to be around her without being insanely jealous.  It hurt so bad that I wasn't pg anymore. 

I get back from lunch and the one non-pg friend prayed the most healing prayer ever with me.  I cry my eyes out.  But it was so nice and it was like a weight was lifted. 

Anyway, we are going camping this weekend with 2 pg friends both due in November.  Hopefully I can hold myself together.  They are amazing and will be there to support me.  Just hope the green-eyed monster doesn't come back out.

Thanks for listening (or reading...)

Re: The Good, Bad & Ugly (kinda long...)

  • I'm so happy you had your non-pg friend there to lend support and comfort.... Good luck going camping with your pg friends this weekend!
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