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DH has adopted the cake euphemism

Ever since I read DH the post from MamatoJackson about "baking a cake" he's adopted that phrase as his own. 

Last night in bed I snuggled up to DH and he wanted to know if I wanted to bake a cake or if I just wanted him to hold the pan.  LOL! 



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Re: DH has adopted the cake euphemism

  • lol- DH said something similar to me last week.

    that was classic.

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  • Mine too.  I woke up the next morning to a crying baby, which isn't really a problem but I said outloud, "aw man, I really wanted to bake a cake before the day gets going".  He said, "Really? Yum.  You don't usually bake in the morning, I'll take her if you want to get started".  Then, I explained what I really meant.  He was then very disappointed that he wouldn't get to 'bake a cake' w/ me OR eat a real cake for breakfast.  LOL. 
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  • LOL

    Funny that my husband hasn't adopted it.  lol

    After days of asking for it and DH not feeling well (LOL... Sorry, TMI, pregnancy hormones...yikes!), DH wanted it last night.  I was so tired, I just said, "No," with no explanation attached. Haha. 


  • I LOLed at 'just hold the pan'.   :)
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