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question for moms of girls

My DD's hair is just getting long enough to actually do something with (she's 19 months). I've tried doing pigtails a couple times recently, but first of all, it is extremely hard to get her to sit still long enough. Then, after I get them in (crooked, of course) she cries, grabs at her head, and says "Hair"! I'm using those teeny tiny rubber bands, from walmart, I think. I'm wondering if she just needs to get used to her hair being put up, or if she's actually in pain? Any tips for doing girls' hair? So much more work than boys... Wink

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  • lol- that is the one reason why i am so excited i am having a boy this time around.

    girls' hair is so hard.

    does she have enough hair for a little whale spout? little pony tale gathered on top of her head? you don't have to worry about that being even. that worked for a little while with gisele. i had fabric pony tale holders (with the rubber band inside and fabric outside) they seemed to pull/pinch less.

    now we just do barrettes. one on each side so it doesn't hang in her face. she doesn't fuss with the barrettes as much as the pony tale. I found the ones that just bend and click when they lock into place.

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  • image Stacyc625:

    now we just do barrettes. one on each side so it doesn't hang in her face. she doesn't fuss with the barrettes as much as the pony tale. I found the ones that just bend and click when they lock into place.

    Ditto this.  I do the barrettes on a daily basis and save the pigtails for special occasions.  She complains when I put the pigtails in but once I get them in she generally leaves them alone.  When I put them in I turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to help distract her, because I usually have to fix them at least once because they are crooked.  lol

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  • Mickey Mouse is also our saver. I put Liv in her chair and sit behind her on the couch and put her piggies in as fast as I can and have had to tell myself that she's 2, it's OK if they aren't perfect as long as her hair is out of her face. It's so hot lately I just can't bear to leave her hair down on her neck! I use a small comb and the tiny rubberbands. She has started pulling them out if she gets bored in the car or after naptime, but usually she will leave them alone other than that. Barrettes are out for her, they are too big of a temptation and they end up lost.
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  • I have 3 girls. It is a trial but I use leave in spray , Johnson's, before I start and use a bristle brush. If I don't have these tools the piggies just don't look right. 
  • We started with little barrettes (quick, easy to put it in, kept her hair out of her face) and then eventually worked up to things like pigtails. If I read a book to her while I'm putting the pigtails in, that helps a lot with her patience.
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  • I've found that its easiest to do her hair when she is strapped into her chair and distracted by cheerios. I use the little rubber bands then put barrettes over them. Sometimes I have to wait for her to be strapped into the carseat to get the barrette over the hair band. I haven't needed Johnson's spray yet but I do use a little sprayer of water.
  • Thanks! Great advice ladies!
  • my DD won't keep barrettes in her hair anymore.  so now i either do a big pony on top or big tails.  it helps a ton to do it when she is in her high chair eating breaskfast.  it keeps her attention away from it, she holds more still, and forgets that they are in by the time she's done eating.  i use the tiny ouchless rubberbands.
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  • I use the little rubber bands from Walmart.  My daughter's hair is curly, so it makes it a little harder.  I wet her hair with J&J no tangle spray and pull them into loose pig tails (they don't really have to be even at that point).  When her hair dries, I redo them one at a time.  If I put them in like regular when her hair is wet it pulls her hair.  I usually sit her in front of the tv to distract her.  I'm too afraid to use barrettes.  She can pull them out and I'm afraid she will try to eat one.
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  • I use the tiny plasticky bands in DD's hair. I used to have to put her in the high chair to keep her still. Now I just have to use lots of leave in or she yells ow and takes off on me. When it was shorter, I did one piggy on top. As it got longer, I moved it off to the side a little.

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