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My D&C is in an hour....

I'm feeling sadder than I realized I would.

Also a little scared b/c I've never had a procedure where I was put under anesthesia. I've had root canals and stuff, but nothing like this. 

Doc said it was the same anesthesia like for a colonoscopy. I never had one of those so I don't know.


Re: My D&C is in an hour....

  • Sorry :-( I cried in the waiting area before my D&C--it's hard.

    I hope everything goes ok and you recover quickly!  ((hugs))

  • elisbuelisbu member

    I cried in the waiting room, in my pre op room, and as they wheeled me down the hall

    It's not bad at all, I promise. Just tell them that you need something for your stomach or you could get sick after surgery.

    Honestly, Going to sleep and waking it up and having it over was a much better choice for me. I dont think I would have handled a natural m/c well.

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  • Thank you Lynnmarie.  I appreciate it. Smile


    So, surprisingly the experience for as awful of a think that it is,went really well.

    The doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurse were really kind, and wonderful and it was over really quickly. I have minimal cramping, and feel semi-drunk from the pain meds they gave me intravenously. 

    I'm just happy that it's done with and can start to move on.

  • Hope evweything goes well. Just said a prayer for  you!

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