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Where is the summer going?

I was just checking out the calendar and we are (almost) already in August!  Where the heck is the summer going?!  It just seems to be flying by.

I'm bummed because it's been such a nice summer.  But, in October DH and I go away for 8 days to St. John so there are other things to be excited about!


Re: Where is the summer going?

  • Our summer has been so darn hot- I feel like i spent most of it inside.

    St. John's sounds wonderful! Very jealous!

    Any good plans for the weekend?

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  • Come to NOLA, we'll have summer way into November. Yay :l
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  • I was just thinking yesterday, while I was out grocery shopping, that the reason the Summer is flying by is because I've hardly left the house.

    Hard to do with an infant in near-constant 106-degree-weather.

    Your trip sounds amazing.. 


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