Ben was re-admitted to the hospital, but coming home soon. — The Bump

Ben was re-admitted to the hospital, but coming home soon.

To make a long story short, we had a scary night last night with our newest arrival, Ben.  He had awful bloody and mucously stools last night that got me fearing the worst (Zoey had NEC).  We went to the ER at our Children's Hospital, and he got admitted for testing and further observation.  In the end, he was diagnosed with Allergic Colitis and I have to eliminate dairy and soy from my diet since I plan to EP for him.  What a terrible rollercoaster with way too many reminders of our NICU time.  We were on the one of the units that Zoey was on, some of the nurses were the same, I got the same food trays, etc.  I am a mess.  And, today is my birthday.  I'm done feeling sorry for myself.  Ben is healthy and coming home, so that is the best gift of all. 
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Re: Ben was re-admitted to the hospital, but coming home soon.

  • Wow that has to be scary.  I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I hope Ben is doing better and home very soon!


  • How scary I am glad everything is ok andyou will be coming home soon.
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  • Im sorry sweetheart.  Keep your head up.  Your doing everything he needs right now & happy birthday :+)
  • ((((HUGS)))) I'm glad he's coming home soon and is ok. Happy birthday too btw!

  • How scary!  Hope he is home real soon.
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  • Happy birthday!!! What a terrible way to spend it...I'm glad it isn't anything more serious and I hope he's home quickly!
  • So glad all is ok! I had to go dairy-free but completely and totally worth it. You're an amazing mama!
  • That is so scary! I'm so glad Ben is doing okay and it was something you could easily diagnose/fix. Poor little guy!
  • How scary! Hugs!
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