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First time poster in this board

  and thought you may be able to offer input here. DH is in the military and is getting out in December. He is trying to find a job in the private sector and it is difficult because he is not really familiar with what is out there. My dad is trying to help him out as far as networking a little bit but so far nothing. Bless his heart-all he has known is the Navy. Anyway, was wondering if anyone else was going through this or has gone through it. Any advice you have would be appreciated.

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  • what is his rate and rank?

    is he retiring or just getting out?

    He needs to attend TAPS and learn how to apply for federal positions. I can help you with some of it - but need more info.

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  • His rate is 03 and his rank is LT. He is just getting out. Dh will be in SEPS in September.
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  • What is his MOS and where will you be located after he separates?
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  • Defense contractors love former officers but many are going through downsizing due to budget cuts and lack of new contracts. I worked for 2 different L-3 companies after I got out and the climate and culture were completely different at both but the common thread was a high percentage of former military.
  • What kind of clearance does he have? ( You don't really have to answer that.)  He can go to, among others.  There are many. many companies and gov't agencies who have posted jobs for people with certain clearances. 

    There are several sites out there for finding gov't jobs.  He needs to get rolling on it though.  The hiring process for most of these types of jobs can take months. 

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  • By rate I mean his job in the Navy. What type of officer is he, where did he go to school... etc.
  • Armymarriednavy:He is a nuclear engineer went through ROTC at Purdue University. Right now he is the shift engineer teaching others on the submarine how to run the nuclear reactor (prototype)

  • I know a few former Marine officers who have used this headhunter agency very successfully:

    Good luck to you and your DH.  

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