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XP: Locking Baby Gate?

I posted this on the Toddlers 24+ board as well.

Does anyone have a locking baby gate they can recommend? We have used the First Years locking gate (the one with the foot pedal/button you have to push in order to open the gate) for  the last year and it's worked great! It tension mounts on the wall, DD can't open it.

 We just moved into a new house, and need a taller gate at the top of the stairs. The First Years one isn't quite tall enough to reach the flat spot on the top banister post.

 I purchased the Summer Infant Extra Tall gate from BRU (see link below). However, i am afraid DD will figure out how to open it. All you have to do to open it, is use your thumb and push the switch across and life up. I was hoping to find another foot pedal gate in extra tall. 


Has anyone else had this problem? Which gate do you use? Have your LO's figured out the gate, etc.



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