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How many days do you stay in the house?

It's so hard to get everything done!  I used to only leave the house twice a week but I'm going a little nuts.
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Re: How many days do you stay in the house?

  • I have to get out at least once (usually a few times between walks/errands/etc) or LO and I will both go nuts!!!

    LO wakes very early so we usually walk before 8am while I drink my coffee and it's not too hot yet.  On super hot days, I'll still do at least 1 errand to an air conditioned place just to get out.  I also try to set up 2 or more playgroups every week.

  • One time per week, if I am lucky. Some weeks I feel adventuresome and go out twice, but usually it is just to my mom's or sister's house! We don't get out much through the week because it is just so much to get out the door and handle 2 babies by myself! Plus there isn't much we can do yet that is fun. We save a lot of fun stuff for the weekend when DH can help me more! Plus he hates to miss the fun. I'm sure when this baby is born, we will get out even less!

    But we do go for walks if the weather is nice.

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    Hardly ever.  Probably once every two weeks!

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  • Almost never, and it's usually only if we're stuck waiting for a delivery or something. We go out and do something every day or we both get antsy.
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  • We usually get out 4 days a week.  At least one day each week, I purposely don't schedule us to be anywhere/do anything, so that we can have a down day hanging out at home.

  • I used to stay home 3-4 days a week. Now I find it easier to get things done around the house so I'm getting out 3-4 days a week. DS is getting older and can sit on his own so he's starting to be able to play independently while I do housework.
  • We leave the house every day for a few hours.  We'd both go insane if we were home all day.  We generally take a walk around 6:30 after we get up, then eat breakfast, then leave around 8:30 & run errands, visit family, and/or go to the pool/park/library.  We get home before or after lunch in time for her nap.  Today we went to 10 places, which is not unusual!
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  • We either leave or have people over 2X a day everyday.  I would be a mental case if I only went out 2X a week.  Yikes.
  • We usually get out once a day. Occasionally I'll stay home on Monday's to catch up on housework if I need to, but that doesn't happen too often. We NEED to get out! I can get most of my stuff done during nap time or once DH is home or on the weekends.
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  • I go out every day to the gym and put DD in the babysitting service there.  We actually do something a few days out of the week.  Some weeks it's only once or twice and others it is every day.  We usually go once a week to the library (just the library not story-time), once a week for swim lessons, once a week to go swimming, once a week to the children's museum, a couple times a month to the mall, and once a month to Target.  I think when swim lessons are up I am going to put her in gymnastics.
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  • We are usually out for a couple of hours before lunch almost everyday then also for a walk and/or bike after dinner.
  • imageseans_grl:

    We usually get out 4 days a week.  At least one day each week, I purposely don't schedule us to be anywhere/do anything, so that we can have a down day hanging out at home.


    This!  Its nice to have one day at home to chill.  We always play outside or go on walks though. 

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  • Most days we leave the house. If nothing else, we have to go to the Post Office.

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  • We are out of the house every day(M-F).  The boys are in gym care while I workout for an hour or so every morning except for Wednesdays.  Its great because DS#1 can play and get his energy out before we get home for his nap.  On Wednesdays, I take DS#1 to his old daycare and run all of my errands/catch up on housework while hanging out with DS#2.  Throughout the week(after naptime), I can spend the afternoons with them just relaxing.  It works well for us and keeps me from feeling trapped, lol.
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  • We usually get out of the house 3 days a week. We live in a very small town with not much to do or we would probably go out more. We go to story hour at the library every week and then the other 2 days we run errands or meet DH for lunch. Sometimes the moms from library story hour get together for a playgroup but not often...about once a month other than weekly story time. On the days we are at home, we try to at least get outside for a little while as long as the weather is good.

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  • Zero. Unless DS is sick or there is a blizzard. We go out every day, usually for most of the day. We have since he was an infant. I hate staying in.
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  • I usually get out about 3 or 4 times a week. Even with that I kind of have to force myself. Being a homebody is easy with things like on-line shopping. 
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  • Does it count if I'm still in the neighborhood?  We go to the pool nearly every day.  And there's playdates at other houses on my block.

    But actually get in the car and drive on a main road?  Not that often.  A couple times a week, maybe.

  • I get out almost every day, so I'm home all day without leaving maybe only 2 days / week max.  Basically I just spread my errands and activities over the whole week so that I do get out as much as possible, or a little each day, depending on how you look at it.  Even with our new baby, I've been doing one quick errand per day with him and our toddler, just to make me feel like I am almost back to normal life.  :)
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  • My answer to this question has changed A LOT since Emily was born 4 years ago!   :)

    Right now, she goes to Preschool 5 mornings per week so, we leave home every day.  Several times a week we have play dates after school (we skip her nap for the most part these days), spend an afternoon at the pool, and drive up to spend the day at SixFlags or the Zoo.  I also leave at least one afternoon open so that we can just lounge here at home... all the rushing around that comes with Preschool is exhausting!

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  • imagecepcep:

    We usually get out 4 days a week.  At least one day each week, I purposely don't schedule us to be anywhere/do anything, so that we can have a down day hanging out at home.


    This!  Its nice to have one day at home to chill.  We always play outside or go on walks though. 

    Us, too.
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  • Pretty much daily. The kids go to MDO two mornings a weeks, Finn has swim lessons three mornings a week, we always meet my mom at the local splash pool on Mondays, we go to church/out to breakfast on Sundays, and in addition, there are any errands I need to run with them in tow or playdates we set up. My kids (and I) go nuts if they don't get a change of scenery pretty regularly.

  • None!  If we don't leave the house at some point during the day both Eva and I go a little stir crazy.
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  • We are never home. During the school year both kids have mdo/preschool. DD goes three days a week and DS two. We have swimming, dance, soccer and gymnastics on the other two days.
  • We usually go out three or four days a week.  The days that we are home we go outside and take a walk.  It does us both good to go out to playgroups, visit friends, and see the Grandparents.
  • The twins and I leave the house every single day (not including our morning jog).

    Honestly, I would go crazy not going anywhere!!  And so would they, they LOVE being out.  I think since we've always done it this way, they are accustomed to it.

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  • Never if we can help it.  I'm one of those people that need to get out of the house everyday even if it's just for a walk around the block.  I go stir crazy inside for extended periods of time.  

    My girls also start fighting more if they are at home a lot.  

  • I'm at home with DD three days a week and we leave the house every day.  She has swimming, gymboree and sing and sign class or I'll just go to the park, the library or a playgroup.  I find this strategy actually cuts down on my house work because DD is making a mess some place other than at home.  ha!

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  • None.  The last time we stayed int he house all day was during the blizzards.  Even if we just run to the store or go for a walk, we have to get out for everyone's sanity

    I am kind of blown away by some of these answers lol

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  • Zero, unless I persuade DH to take us out after he gets home from work.  We are a one car family at the moment.
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  • I try to get out at least once a day M-F. It took until this past spring to really be comfortable going out alone with DS, but now I try to plan something for us to do every day. I would prefer a library class or playdate but will fill my time with trips to Target, the mall, Barnes and Noble, BRU, TRU, etc... When it's not quite so hot out, there are a few towns around me with nice downtown areas which will be nice to stroll through as well and I'm looking forward to playing at the park and outback more once DS gets a hang of this walking thing.
  • We go to the park almost every day and on the days we don't go, then I take LO to run errands or I wait for DH to come home and we go to the community pool. The pool is the best, I'll have to find an option for when winter comes. If we stay home all day, we both go nuts!
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  • I make sure I leave the house at least once a day, every day. If I stay home, I get nutso. DD also needs the interaction, even if she's just people watching.
  • Because it is so hot where I live, I try to get our time out of the house done in the AM, and be home from 2pm on...

    We are barely home, but I would like us to be home more because I feel like I get more done adn spend less..


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