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Another Intro...

Hi, I'm new to the bump and really new to this board. I couldn't help but comment on the OPSEC post but had not yet introduced myself. I'm ARNG (prior AD) and H is ADAF. I've been in for 15 years, just got home from another yearlong deployment and we just PCS'd to DM. Based on yesterday I have to say this board is a riot!
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Re: Another Intro...

  • welcome... Love the veggie ticker.

    I am Jinger - I've been in 7 years (USAR), and have the honor of serving as a DS. (which you see evidence of in my awful lang.)

    H is my Sandy Sailor. He came home from Iraq in Nov we've been passing each other in the airport ever since.

    We have 3 kids and a dog. oh and a fvckin minivan.

  • Thanks, H picked out the ticker because he "needed something visual".

    I love to hear DS talk, always cracks me up. I'm the only female in my Co so I'm pretty used to awful language.

    I fly Hawks so I had the honor of seeing the sh!thole known as Iraq from the air all year. I've been TDY pretty much since coming home for schools so I feel your pain. I don't see a minivan anytime in my future.

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  • Hi and welcome.  I am USAR, been in for 5 years.  H is AD Army.  He's about to wrap up his 8th year and is ready for more.  We have 4 kids and we sometimes have foster dogs.  I am also team minivan.  I'll be trading in my old one for a new one when J gets home from this current jump across the pond. 
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  • Hi and Welcome!  :)

    i love trying to figure out what all the acronyms are for!  i am new to the army life and still getting a hang of the lingo, H swears it goes in one ear and out the other with me... mostly true ;-)  H is AD army and we are at FLW waiting for our first little girl to get here in october... no minivans... i think i may have to compromise on a smart SUV sometime soon LOL

    take care!

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