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Mother In Law & Bassinet

Ok, I need to vent!  So aside from the fact that my MIL will not back off and is constantly emailing us things that she thinks we should get alone, I'm beginning to become quite fed up with all of this.

 She has now purchased several items without our consent. I have had it! 

 Now, I do have a registry, but you'd think that almost didn't matter. She has purchased a high chair, a bassinet and a few other items, completely ignoring the things that have been picked out already on the registry and ignoring their aesthetic completely.

 I wish she would just chill out and butt out!

My question to all of you is, I have a link to the bassinet she's bought and I'm wondering if I'm just the crazy person?

Please tell me that someone else finds this completely hideous:

I do have a unique style, yes, but I don't think frilly = stylish or elegant. 

Keep in mind this is nothing like anything on my registry, which she has seen! I have things like moses basinets on there and boon products because I like clean and contemporary. I'm willing to look at things that are not expensive, I'm just not willing to look at things that make me want to gouge my eyes out! HELP!

Re: Mother In Law & Bassinet

  • I don't think it is hideous but I don't really like it either. I think the bigger issue is MIL picking out things that you don't want. I would either not except it or return what you can return and get what you want. She will get the picture eventually and either stop buying or lose money.

    I had an issue with my MIL over our wedding. She bought things that we told her we didn't want. She bought it anyway. On our wedding day she ask me where it was. I told her we didn't bring it because we didn't want to use it. Then I walked away. 

  • It was quite frilly. At least it had good reviews...Have her keep it all at her house. That way you don't have to pack as much when you visit, it doesn't have to match anything in your own home, and finally exchange it if all else fails. 
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  • I agree with pp... just have her keep the items she's purchased at her house.
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  • I have had some similar run ins with my MIL .

     She asked what the color scheme was so I sent her a story board with swatches I had made in photoshop. It's muted blues, limes greens, creams, burnt oranges etc.  so she comes back and says she loves the colors and is going to knit the blanket in primary colors..WTF???? we aren't even using primary colors

    for purchased items  I chose to just reiterate that we appreciated the gifts but could I get the recipiets as we would probably have to exchange them for the ones on our registry. that was all I said, I know it will blow over eventually we have a pretty good relationship and I am sure there is internal family gossip going on but eh..they already call me a treehugger just because Im from SoCal and recycle LOL. I know that DH explained it more that our personal style was more clean, modern etc and that he loves that she is helping us with the finacial burden but could she please stick to what we had on the registry.


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