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Anyone ever...

attend or organize a baby clothing swap at their unit?

Its been suggested as an event for our unit. It gives the families who NEED baby things a chance to pick them up without asking for help.

If you've been to one -

What did you like?
What would you do differently?
What did you hate?

If you've organized one -

How long did you preplan?
How did you market the event?
Did you do any fundraising?
What are your tips?

Re: Anyone ever...

  • ME!!!  Lol, you should know who to ask about this stuff by now. 

    How long did you preplan?  We planed it in about a month.  We knew there were a bunch of ladies who were due right about the same time.  We also wanted to get it done before our guys started comming home so it wouldn't interfere.

    How did you market the event?  Our email newsletter

    Did you do any fundraising? No  We used very little of our funds to do it.  We just had lemonade and some cookies. 

    What are your tips?  We put out a letter asking all who were wanting to participate to bring the gently used items they were wishing to get rid of up to our battalion area a few days before.  We had several ladies who went through all the clothes, gear and toys to make sure they were in good shape.  The unit let us set everything up in one of the conference rooms.  We labeled tables by size and laid  all the clothes out like that.  Toys were put on and under a table in the back.  We had a few high chairs and strollers that were put in another corner. 

    We let everyone know that we wouldn't except car seats because of safety issues.  Nor would we except large furniture because of space issues. We had a peg board up for people to place adds if they had larger items that they wanted to give away or sell. 

    We had a ton of donations.  Many of the ladies who came in for things walked out with bags of stuff.  All left over items were donated to a home for battered women and children.  We are planning another one later this year.

    Let me know if you have any questions. 

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  • yeah... can you send me a copy of the letter you used? aaaand ummm... thats it.



    For now. :-) Oh and I need to know where to send your Usborne stuff. My supervisor sent me the flyers and details.

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  • Let me see if I can get up with the girl that did the newsletter.  I don't have the email in my AKO anymore.  
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  • Oh, and YGPM
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  • awe fvck you know how I HATE pm's.

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