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Sharp, Scripps or UCSD?

I am not sure which one to choose?  Anyone have any advice or suggestions.  I hear good things about all of them but I have never been pregnant and don't know what to look!

Re: Sharp, Scripps or UCSD?

  • They are all good. We are going to Sharp because that is where our insurance will cover. It will depend a lot on where your doctor is affiliated with as well. I wouldn't want to choose a place that is too far and not covered by insurance. You will never know what may arise and the cost is outrageous if you are not covered. 
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  • I have Sharp...and I LOVE them!  Everything has been great so far.  I was at Mary Birch for my d/c in November 09 and everyone was sooooo nice & caring.  I'm really looking forward to delivering there in December!!!

    Good Luck!

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  • I delivered DS at Sharp Grossmont Women's Center and was so happy with everything.  What I've heard from most women is it really depends on your nurse(s).  They can either make it a good or bad experience. My L&D nurse was fantastic, as were the nurses on the maternity floor.
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  • I delivered at UCSD last time and will again this time. I really like my OB and have had a great experience with every other OB I've seen at the practice (except for one, but I only saw her once for about 5 minutes). 


  • I was going to go to Scripps La Jolla but 2 friends of mine who are L&D nurses both rcomded UCSD..unfortunatly my insurance disagreed and I am now stuck at Balboa.


    good luck

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