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Natural birth at Hahnemann?

Hi, everyone ... I'll be delivering my first baby at Hahnemann with Drexel's OB practice.  I'd love to go as natural as possible (acknowledging that I have no idea what it'll be like, and I can't predict what will happen), and I'm wondering what other moms' experiences have been like at Hahnemann.  Anything I should be prepared to look out for? 


Re: Natural birth at Hahnemann?

  • Nothing specific on the hospital, but the norm stuff to look out for with all hospitals?  Have you considered taking a natural birth class (private) to help prepare you for what things can help you achieve your goal?  Or considered hiring a doula to guide you through the process giving you suggestions and emotional and physical support? 


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  • I delivered at Hahnemann with the same practice!  

    If you are really determined to have a natural labor, I would try and seek out some classes in addition to what the hospital offers.  We attended the birthing classes at the hospital and while they touched on some pain management without drugs, that was not the primary focus of the class.   

    I did wind up having an epidural but I felt like my doctor was very supportive of me avoiding a c-section...I pushed for almost two hours but did manage to get him out.  They kept an eye on the two of us to make sure things were safe, but the doctor and nurses were very encouraging.  

    I went to the meet the doctors night they have and I liked getting the extra tour and mingling with everyone.  

    Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my LO wound up in the hospital's NICU for a week. Overall, he got first-rate care and I was very pleased with the amount of attention he got as a result of being at a teaching hospital.  There were definitely some aspects of that week that did not go smoothly.  For instance, they told us on the hospital tour that if we had to go to the NICU, we would get a private room.  It didn't happen and we weren't even in the same wing as LO.  

    Anyway, I would let all the doctors in the practice know about your birth plan and become as educated as you can so that you can advocate for yourself as much as possible.  Since it is a teaching hospital, you may find yourself interacting with residents as well as the doctors, some of whom will be better at interacting with you than others. I had a resident in the room during my delivery and I had never seen him before.  It didn't bother me (barely noticed him ;) ) but it is something to think about.

    Good luck!!! 

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