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Homecoming ideas...

My hubby is finally coming home, and will be seeing our daughter for the 1st time since she was a week old! (she'll be 10 months when he gats back). SOO give me your best Homecoming ideas.....Everything u can come up with!!!


Thanks Ladies!

Re: Homecoming ideas...

  • As far as the actual ceremony, just dress really cute (it's his first time seeing you too after so long!), dress your daughter up really cute, and show up!  If he as at all easily embarrassed, I would keep away from things like shirts with his picture on it.  Well, I personally would keep away from those anyway, but definitely if it's not his thing.  You can do signs for him, but it might be a bigger hassle than necessary to keep up with your 10 month old and signs or whatever else you bring.  Just make sure your camera batteries are charged, and if you don't have any other family going with you, see if you can have one of the other spouses take reunion pictures for you, and you for them. 

    As far as after he's home, I wouldn't plan anything.  Maybe it's just my husband, but we usually don't do a whole lot for a few days.  He doesn't like to be overwhelmed with lots of people and plans and things that he HAS to do right away after being gone for a year.  He's tired from being gone and travelling, and he just wants to spend time with me (and now the kids) for a while.  I'd let your DH take the lead on what he wants to do after he's home.  You can ask him before he gets back, or just leave the days open and let him decide what to do at the time. 

    Homecoming is a big deal, both for us and the deployed spouse, but you also don't want to overwhelm them as soon as they get back.  They're not used to the civilian world, and it takes a while for them to feel comfortable in it again. 

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  • Definitely get something cute for both you and DD to wear. Create a "Welcome Home Daddy" Banner with DD's little hand and foot prints. Hang it on your front porch, garage, or wherever you have space. Stock the fridge and pantry with some of his favorite things and rent some DVD's. But mostly just give him time to relax :) Hold off on trying to plan big outings, family visits, etc, Give him what he needs most; time to just adjust and be with you and your little girl. Leave the schedule open and after a day or two ask him what he's up for. Maybe go for a picnic with just the three of you, visit a park, go to a  lake. Quiet activites :)

    Congratulations on your reunion and Welcome Home to your Husband! 

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  • Congrats on the deployment coming to a close! It is such a wonderful feeling when it is over. I suggest that you keep it as low key as possible for your H and your DD. There will be alot to take in and she might get overwhelmed with everything going on. Have your DH get down on the ground to hug her and snuggle her. He won't seem so big or scary if he's at her level. It might take a few days/week but she will reconnect with daddy and their bond will return.

    For homecoming you can get her a super cute outfit R,W & B is always a good idea. :-) You might also want to  have a small toy you can give you H to give to baby once he is back. Even something as simple as a new rattle or a little teddy bear will help.  

    #1. Sleep. Let him sleep!!!! As boring and annoying as that might sound let him rest when he needs to it will make reintigration much smoother.

    #2. Sex. Hmmm.. well. The best thing a veteran wife ever told me was "The first time is for him every time after that is for you".

    #3. Like the PP said keep it simple and low key. No big parties right after he gets home. My H got home in the middle of the week so I asked him when he wanted to see people - he wanted to have a BBQ on sunday so we did it - cause he was ready.

    YAY! Can't wait to see the welcome home pics.  Don't forget www.buildasign.com/troops


  • Those are all great ideas Ladies!! Thank you sooo much!! Im soo excited!! I just cant wait!!
  • Someone else on here has mentioned the site, oplove.org, that has professional photographers that will go to the ceremony and take prof pics for free! Although I've never used them, or done something like this, other people have great success stories, maybe you could look into that!
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