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Challenging exercise classes for expecting moms?

I'm having a difficult time finding challenging exercise classes for expecting moms.  All the prenatal yoga classes I've tried focus a lot on stretching and relaxation (which is important), but do very few standing and other strength-building poses.  Does anyone have any recs. for challenging classes?  I live in Silverlake, so something in the vicinity would be ideal. 

Re: Challenging exercise classes for expecting moms?

  • Have you tried prenatal yoga at Silverlake Yoga?  It depends on the teacher, but the Weds and Sunday classes I find are challenging.  At least, I'm sore in all the right places the next day.
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  • I take prenatal yoga at Yoga works on Larchmont with Patricia Starr, and it's a hard class-lots of planks.
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  • I had the same problem..I live in Torrance. I just bought this prenatal workout video called Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout. It has workouts for all three trimesters and I broke a sweat doing the express workout. It does a lot of squats and uses a resistance band for the weightlifting part.
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