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where to buy glider

Hello SD mommies!  Well we have started to look at gliders and just wondering where is good place to purchase.  We have gone to BRU and it will take 3-4 months because we don't want the color they have on the floor model, chocolate brown.  We are looking at the type that is upholstered in hopes that we can use it for many years and not only in the babies room.  Any ideas on furniture stores that have gliders, but aren't necessarily for a baby room.  DH would love a leather recliner and if we can get the chair for both functions that would be great!  we have lived in SD only about a year as we are military and I don't really know a whole lot of what is in the area.  Thanks for your help!

Re: where to buy glider

  • We were at Jerome's last week and they have rocking recliners, but I'm not sure on the variety of color choices.  There is also USA Baby, located off Miramar Dr. by MCS Miramar, that might have what you're looking for. Good luck.


  • thanks for the info, we did go to USA Baby as well as another store on Mira Mesa Blvd. Children's world or something like that.  In any case it was great to sit in the chairs and test them out.  Then we found a store called Trappings in Cardiff by the Sea, a little bit of a drive, but worth the price difference.  They don't have floor models, but we had already picked what chair we wanted at the other stores.  I'm posting this so if there are other mommies to be who want to save money! 
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  • We bought a regular rocker/recliner from JCPenney. Best purchase ever, I can't even count the number of times I've slept in it (w/ or w/o LO).

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