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Philadelphia OB Recs?

My husband and I are trying to conceive and my OBGYN is moving to NYC. :( I have heard some bad things about delivering at UPenn so I don't know what to do now for a doctor. Does anyone have experience with an OB that delivers at Pennsylvania Hospital? Or positive experiences at other city hospitals? Help please!

Re: Philadelphia OB Recs?

  • I have had wonderful experiences with PennCare OBGYN at 8th/Spruce.  I see Dr. Anderson and she helped me through a miscarriage.  Although they work as a team there and I have also seen Dr. Mellen when Dr. Anderson was unavailable and I needed a dr.
  • I have been going to PennCare in the Curtis Center as well.  They are GREAT!  And deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital.

    Their number is 215-829-8555

    I've seen Dr. Borromeo and Dr. Renbaum and they are both great! 

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  • With the Penn health care networks, there are several providers and no real guarantee that the doctor you select will be the one who delivers....or even someone from the same practice.  There are midwives available at each location, and I would suggest investigating that option if you decided to deliver at HUP or Pennsy.  I teach CBE and provide labor support, and in the past 4 years not a single one of my clients delivering at HUP or Pennsy has had "their" doctor.  At HUP they've had doctors from their practice at least.  In general, all of the births went well.  A lot of times people place a great importance on the doctor.  It is true that you need to pay careful attention that the doc is on the same page (how long you can go post dates, inductions, etc) and doesn't rush you through app, answers your questions, and allows you to be an active participant in the decision making process.  However, once in labor, the nurses (or midwife) are the ones you will spend the most time with. 

    Not far from Philadelphia is Lankenau.  They have several good practices and I would recommend Dr. Bailey, Dr, Laverine (spelling) or Dr. Randy H (same practice), or Dr. Einhorn.  Everyone thinks that Lankenau has horrible c-section stats...which yes, the rate is high.  What people don't factor into that is that Lankenau is also where the high risk perinatologist group is located...more high risk moms=more c-sections.  Dr. Bailey tries to attend for his clients and makes it to 90% of his births.

    Sorry for the long post, if you like additional info just PM me.  Good luck!   

  • I go to PennCare at the Curtis Center also!  I love my doc (and all the other dr's in the practice also).  I delivered my dd and Pennsylvania Hospital last Spetember and I had am EXCELLENT experience, the nurses were so helpful and nice!
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  • I delivered both kids at Jefferson with Women's Medical Specialties and was super happy.  I like all the docs and the nurses were great.

    The office is at 9th & Chestnut in the Ben Franklin House.  Dr. Abigail Wolf delivered both of my kids and she was wonderful, she even stayed past her shift to make sure I was ok.  I really liked all the doctors, you don't know who will be on when you go into labor but that never bothered me.


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  • Where is Lankenau? We are going to be moving out to the Main Line and have considered seeing someone there but we work here in the city and are not sure exactly where we will be moving. I do like the idea of seeing a Doctor that is more likely to attend my birth but I also had hoped to see a woman (preferably one who has had a child). Any suggestions?

    I am definitely considering Dr. Anderson (my previous doctor was Dr. Elias who is in her practice) and I will look into the Curtis Center.  Thanks.

  • Lankenau is on the Main Line, Wynnewood, intersection of Lancaster Ave and City Line (Rt 30 and Rt 1...don't take Lancaster from the City....takes forever and it's a trolley line).  Dr. Einhorn is female and has had 2 children (i think, and I believe both naturally w. assistance of a doula).  All of the docs in her practice are female and I have met 3 (incl her) of the 4.  The other 2 I've met are nice.  The one I haven't met I've heard is nice and is also supportive of natural if you want to try that route.  Overall, clients I've had with that practice have been happy.  Goodluck!
  • Dr. Anderson is so helpful.  Every time I call her with questions I get a call back within a few  hours and she always acts like she genuinely cares.  I never feel rushed with her.  Good luck choosing a doctor.
  • I currently go to the North Broad Street branch. I have recently moved to the area and this is the same office my grandmother attended with my father and uncle. It has improved since then of course. Everyone is very lovely there and my OB has said she amkes it to almost all her patients births. I to will give birth at Penn. Hospital. So far I have hadvery goodvisits. It is all women and everyone is interested in you and your baby. I would defnitely recommend them. They also provide many resources to third party services such as birthing classes, CPR, etc etc.


    Good Luck!

  • I also, like boo'smom, go to Women for Women at Lankenau Hospital. I delivered my first son in 2007 with Dr. Barsoum. I love all of the doctors there, all young with young children of their own. Dr. Barsoum and Dr. Manko were actually pregnant at the same time as me! They made my experience wonderful :)
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